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Kinder Smiles - Multispeciality & Child Dental Care

We have provided patients with the best dental care treatments & our team of highly skilled dentist specialists & also equipped to provide a complete range of treatments.

Visit Kinder Smiles Dental Care, your trusted dental clinic in wakad, for all your oral health needs.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values


To be the best oral health care provider in the society and known for evidence based high quality preventive and therapeutic dental practice.


To provide the best oral health care to all children and adults, at an affordable cost with passion, dedication and compassion towards our clients.


Continuously thrive to put our patient interests at the forefront and offer “only the treatment which is necessary to the patient – nothing extra”.

We’re Trusted By More Than 3500 Clients

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Why Choose

Why Choose Kinder Smiles

  • All Dental services for family, under one roof.
  • Convenient Location & Flexible Appointment.
  • Conservative approach.
  • Comprehensive Dental care ( We look at the whole picture & not just a tooth.)


Working at multi-speciality hospitals has exposed to the dental needs and special dental requirements for kids with special health care needs.


Every dental chair has its own entertainment system in place, where the children can see their favorite cartoons.


Kids Dental Care

From treating Symptoms to correcting causes. Building a healthy future. Filling drilling and teeth extractions really frighten the kids. What if there was an alternative procedure to all of this and yet the purpose was solved. Well, that is exactly when a functional dentist intervenes.

Our Consulting & Dental Care Funded in 2011

The role of the functional dentist is to work towards preventing situations of tooth decay

Tooth extractions and avoid cavity

Through lifestyle enhancement of child.

Our Priority Is To Ensure The Good Dental Health Of Patients

Get your appointment through online and remain safe at your home. Because your safety is our first priority.

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